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Bucharest Photofest, reaching its seven edition in 2021, is a platform-festival intended to acquaint the public with some of the most important, most up-to-date and most relevant photography landmarks, both local and international. Bucharest Photofest is aiming to become the most significant photography festival in Romania.


Not only is it a cultural project put forward in the form of a coherently concept, but also it uses photography as an occasion to question some essential sociopolitical and cultural present-day matters, therefore making photography a means of visual learning.


Each year, Bucharest Photofest devises a program consisting of over 35 events – exhibitions, film screenings, workshops, masterclasses, portfolio presentations and many more. Thus, on the grounds of a concept that attempts to cluster different branches and nuances, the audience is a first-hand beneficiary of multiple artistic happenings and facilities, exhibited in an unique manner, singular in length of time and amplitude on the Romanian cultural scene.


Through conceptual merging of individual and collective exhibitions, the Bucharest Photofest festival, both rises up to the standards of leading exhibitions and festivals all over the world and tries to set a professional and artistic norm in the current Romanian sociocultural situation. 


Finally, our festival focuses particularly on the city of Bucharest by choosing many venues and locations throughout the capital, all compelling for the cultural scene, from art galleries to unconventional places, and involving various institutions and organizations, who prioritize the access of a large and diverse public to meaningful visual creations.

2022 edition - trust

„This year, the capital’s international photography festival found itself in an unprecedented situation. Rescheduling for May 2022 an edition that was supposed to take place last year and organizing the current edition in parallel, we were determined to maintain all plans and look confidently to the future. This is also the key word of this year’s edition: trust. A new beginning, an aspiration for better for all of us, but also courage.

Our project concept is to link most of the events in the program into a theme, and the chosen topics, stories and experiences of the invited artists express our approach. The exhibitions, for example, can be a wake-up call, and the lectures and showcases can be encouraging, inspiring. We invite you all to be part of a new, intense and captivating visual experience at the current edition of our festival,” said Ionuț Trandafirescu, director and founder of Bucharest Photofest.

2021 edition

theme: resistance

postponed in May 2022

2020 edition

theme: solidarity

special guest: PALESTINE

2019 edition

theme: preserving (nature, culture, humanity)

2018 edition

theme: nature

special guest: ICELAND

2017 edition

theme: photojournaslim & documentary photography

special guest: SWEDEN

2016 edition

theme: fine art & commercial photography

special guest: FRANCE


Bucharest Photofest returns this year with a considerable number of events and special guests.



With over 4000 participants on average in each edition, the festival is consistently growing


Each edition offers around 35 different events centered around photography, a trully complex and well justified cultural experience

venues & locations

We aspire to engage the city`s pertinent cultural hubs, both museums and art galleries and unconventional places.